More About Art and Watercolour Classes in Montreal

"Shovel", a watercolour sketch by Montreal artist Shari Blaukopf (© Shari Blaukopf)

Many people find this blog by searching for art or watercolour classes or workshops in Montreal.

If you're one of them, I have some excellent news for you!

First, since I started following the international group called Urban Sketchers, I have discovered a myriad of fabulous artists and art opportunities, not only in Montreal, but all over the world.

One of my favourite sketchers is a Montrealer, and she happens to be offering watercolour workshops this summer. Her name is Shari Blaukopf, and you'll find her at her blog, The Sketchbook, where she posts the beautiful watercolour sketches that she creates every single day. Click on the Summer Workshops link at the top. Then you could sign up for her weekly email where she posts everything she has painted during the week, along with a short description which often turns out to be a mini-lesson.

I actually found Shari through Marc Holmes, another Montrealer who is an Urban Sketcher. Marc is an amazing painter, but I don't know if he offers workshops. Here's a link to his own blog, Citizen Sketcher. He has an "About" page, so you could contact him and ask him.

My last bit of news is that since my last trip to Montreal, a major art centre has opened its doors there. It's called the Montreal Art Center and though it doesn't seem to be offering watercolour training yet, it has some other excellent classes. Prices are the same as the Visual Arts Centre, i.e., $200 for eight weekly classes. One feature that impressed me is that they're offering studio space for artists at a very reasonable monthly rent. This is sorely needed in Montreal due to the gentrification of all the old downtown industrial buildings, some of which were chock-a-block full of artists of all disciplines.

And finally (and thankfully!), the Visual Arts Centre is still THE place for watercolour classes of every kind. They have even added some offerings this year, for both the fall/winter and summer sessions. Check out their attractive new website.

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