My First Real Exercise from the New Course

I don't know why I chose this weird rock scene for my first exercise from the Watercolour Secrets course. I mean, I don't like rocks and mountains as much as Bob Davies seems to.

It didn't turn out too badly. The reflections are convincing enough and I like the small blue puddles in the sand.

It was good practice even though this is not the kind of scene that I will paint when I've reached a certain skill level. And I do acquire more control over the brushes and the paint with every picture I paint.


  1. Your autumnleaves3 and cornfield paintings are really excellent. I am just starting out but hope to be able to control the paint as well as you later!


  2. Thank you for the flattering comment, Paul. I'm sure if I can do it, you can do it too. I does take a lot of practise, and right now I don't have time and I feel very frustrated!