Artful Journaling, an Online Course

I had signed up for both of Laure Ferlita's Artful Journaling online courses (Foundations and Explorations), and this week was the first installment.

While in Montreal last month, I had learned how to make a simple, hand-sewn sketchbook, so I decided to make one with what I had on hand: some sheets from a 9" x 12" block of Curry's own 140-lb cotton paper for the inside, and the rough cardboard that they use for shipping for the cover.

Unfortunately, using sheets from a block instead of tearing large sheets into smaller ones means that you don't get the attractive deckle edges.

Here is the cover:

Handmade Sketchbook, 6.5" x 9.5"

The blue part was designed in Photoshop, printed on matte photo paper, then glued. (Now I know better than to use glue from the dollar store -- it shows through the photo paper!)

The type is actually the same shade of brown as the little squares. The font is "Angelina".

For the border, I got inspiration from a new book on Lettering that I just got. I used a flat brush, watercolour and a fine black marker.

Here is the interior:

Interior of Handmade Watercolour Sketchbook, 13" x 9.5"
 I had given my first sketchbook to my niece as a birthday present (she's an art student), and had forgotten the sewing diagram, so I wrote the teacher, Lorna Mulligan, and she very kindly sent me a little sketch.

The sewing doesn't show up very well because I used white thread.

You may notice that my paper doesn't line up perfectly -- something to watch out for next time.

I'm pretty pleased with it anyway.

I will review the course when it's over. Stay tuned!

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