Christmas Cards 2017, Part 1

I've been wondering if I should talk about my new creative passion, bookbinding, here.

I probably will, because one of my main projects is a sort of portfolio of my favourite watercolours, or parts thereof, in the form of a handmade book.

For years I've been collecting every piece I've painted, even though sometimes only a small section of it is satisfactory. Well, I don't know where I got the idea, but why not just cut those sections away and dispose of the rest?

I decided to test this idea this year in the making of my holiday greeting cards.

Here's how I proceeded.

First, I created a viewfinder of the size that I needed.

I then cut out the chosen sections.

Separately, I had used a watercolour sketchpad to make some cards, and some wrapping paper from the dollar store to create some custom envelopes.

For the envelopes, I used the design I learned at a conference I attended this summer, which took place at Au Papier Japonais, in Montreal. I found a video on YouTube too:

After adjusting the measurements to the size of my cards, I made a template on card stock and just traced it on the back of the wrapping paper.

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