Goodbye Sketchwalk

This summer I joined the Fredericton (NB) Urban Sketchers. I could only attend the summer meets because I live an hour away and can't drive after dark, which excludes all the months with short days.

Yesterday was my last visit of the year, and perhaps of all time, because I'm in the process of moving to Montreal. I will miss them, they're nice people.

While the other members settled on a building to sketch, I went looking for something more to my taste. After having a go at some very complicated sculptural details inside the cathedral, I decided to do some blind contour drawings*. I was inspired by the old Mexican sketchbook I was using, where I found some life models I had done in it about 20 years ago. Then I remembered a video I saw a few days ago of the famous Lapin of Barcelona, who said his warming up exercises included doing some blind contours of peoples' faces.

Looks like a van, doesn't it?

Cathedral side entrance

Giant maple tree

No comment necessary, I think!

I realize I was not following the rules of "real" urban sketching, but my idea was to have fun, and I did.


* Wikipedia entry for blind contour drawing:

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