Watercolour Classes in Montreal

Now that I've let off steam about my recent workshop experiences, I can set free my enthusiasm for next month's watercolour classes at the Visual Arts Centre, in Montreal.

This will be the second year that I spend a month in my hometown of Montreal, visiting with family and taking some classes. Last year, I studied Dreamweaver and Photoshop at Concordia University, and a watercolour class, given by Stephanie Reynolds, at the Visual Arts Centre.

The class was at night and I was so tired from those full-time courses at Concordia that I didn't really produce very much. My best work was Montreal Cityscape. I also remember a still life with a disastrous red cabbage and some really nice blueberries.

But I came back more determined than ever to play with watercolours (with which I had had a brief encounter in Mexico 15 years earlier) and to try and master this most difficult of mediums. Almost as soon as I was back home, I ordered all sorts of books, set up a studio space, and started this blog.

I also resolved to take no other classes but watercolour this summer. So, as soon as the Visual Arts Centre's summer program was published, I registered for two of Lorna Mulligan's classes: Watercolour Plants and Flowers, and The Essential Sketchbook.

I hope Ms. Mulligan the teacher lives up to the admiration I have for her as an artist. And I hope to have some time to practice in-between all the other activities that I have planned for the month!

I'll let you know how it went.

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