Improving My Drawing Skills

In order to be a decent painter, I need to improve my drawing skills.

Over the years I've bought at least half a dozen "how to draw" books, including the famous Drawing on the Left Side of the Brain. None even comes close to Bert Dodson's Keys to Drawing.

When Left Side of the Brain came out -- way back in the late 80's I believe -- I bought it, did several exercises, and then I got bored. My drawings did improve, though. Then I lost the book.

Last month, I ordered the revised edition. I'm sure it's still very valid, but I found it boring again.

Keys to Drawing is very similar in many ways, but it's never boring. I can't explain it; perhaps it's just that I like the examples better. Or the way it's written -- less stuff about how the brain works and more about how to draw.

This is a substantial book -- 224 pages -- and it's the closest to a good drawing course that you'll ever find in book form.

Moreover, it's recommended by one of my favourite watercolour painters, Charles Reid.

If you like Charles Reid, you will like this book. Buy it! It's only $15 at Amazon.

NOTE: If you click on the image or on the link below and buy it I'll get a few cents' commission, but that's not the reason I'm reviewing Keys to Drawing. It's because I really like it and I want you to know about it. Check it out, have a "Look Inside", read the reviews, and then decide.

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