I've Been Away, But Not Idle

I'm back at the drawing table, thanks to $7 or so gives me access to all the classes, and so far my favourite art instructors have been Lisa Congdon - whom I discovered thanks to her wonderful, whimsical folk art colouring books - also Pam Garrison and Yao Cheng, whose magical calligraphic brushstrokes I'm trying to imitate, so far with limited success!

Here are just a few of the many drawings I've uploaded to my Creativebug gallery (yes, you get your own gallery).

The monthly fee I quoted is in Canadian dollars; it's even less in US funds, and the first month is free. If you prefer, you can purchase individual classes and then you will have access to them forever. 

The other way to have permanent access is to take advantage of one free class for each month of membership. That way, you can accumulate quite a library, but at any rate, as long as you pay your monthly fee (by automatic deduction from your credit card), you have access to all the hundreds of classes in all the different categories (art, sewing, cooking, etc.)

The platform is very user friendly and oh yes, in case you're wondering, I'm not getting anything for this obviously biased review!

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