I'm In Barcelona... Now What?

I don't promise to do much posting from Barcelona. I brought my old iBook, which is slower than a snail, and my iPad, which, for mysterious reasons, refuses to connect to the internet, except for the built-in Mail.

But the main reason is that I haven't been painting that much. First I had to get my bearings, then I bought some paper but I don't like it (entirely my fault -- one is supposed to like Arches rough paper but I don't, only I didn't know it!) Worse than that, my Moleskine watercolor sketch pad has only a few pages left, and I can't find another one...

Excuses, excuses... I know.

I tried painting in situ but found it too intimidating. I must keep trying, because that's the whole point of suffering through a nearly 24-hour trip under inhumane conditions. Otherwise, one may as well copy photos from the web.

But I did paint this scene from the safety of my tiny balcony, away from prying passers-by. The narrow house is very similar to the one I live in; it's about 10 feet wide, and it's typical of most houses in this part of the old town.

So I took a photo of my sketch and here it is.

(Those are only the top 4 storeys of the building. On the ground floor there is a bakery that makes cakes with photographs on them (honest!), and the second storey consists of a highly modernized façade that is mostly glass.)


  1. This is really nice, Gina. Do please find some paper and/or a sketchbook. I want to see more,


    1. Thanks, Vicki. I went to the Moleskine website and copied several addresses, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

      If that fails, I will just get some fine-grained or even cold pressed paper.

      Another problem is I have yet to find "my" style. That's hard to do when you start at an age when "real" artists have had at least 50 years of practice!