The Search For A Personal Style

I complained earlier about my lack of a personal style, which is obvious to anyone who sees any two pictures of mine. Here is some more proof:

"Purple Garlic", Ink and Wash, 5" x 5"
This is the style that I have the least trouble with, and I find it works well for this kind of subject. Except that I don't really want to be painting still lifes all the time!


"Four Friends in Port Vell", Watercolour in Moleskine Notebook, 5" x 8"

I fell in love with this scene, and took a photo, then tried to paint it at home. Those are boats and masts beyond the fence... I'll bet you hadn't guessed!

The foliage was extremely delicate, so I used a sponge to stamp it... I think that worked out quite well.

When I get home, I'll try a larger, more detailed version.

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