Meet Miguel Herranz

I've often spoken here about how much I enjoy Urban Sketchers*. One of the reasons is that the members are so darn nice and if you travel to their city, chances are they'll be willing to meet you even if you're just an amateur like me.

While in Barcelona, one of the sketchers I wanted to meet is Miguel Herranz. Yesterday, that wish came true and I had a chance to practise my Spanish during our three-hour chat at a terrace cafe. Miguel is every bit as nice in person and he gave me some very good advice and even a signed copy of his book, Here & There.  You can see it in this video:

But this only shows a tiny part of this multitalented artist's accomplishments. Check out his blog (it's bilingual) and don't forget to click on the links in his "Otherwise" section in the sidebar.

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 * Here is the link to the Urban Sketchers blog:

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