A Classic Go-To Recipe

First Assignment: Draw a Recipe - Click to enlarge
In my first restaurant, the menu changed daily. It was a limited menu with one soup, one appetizer, three main courses, and one dessert.

When I was out of ideas (or time) for an appetizer, the life-saving dish was Egg Mimosa. It was delicious, the customers loved it, and my kitchen helper liked to make it because it was easy. A truly winning combination!

So when I learned that I had to illustrate a recipe for Draw It Like It's Hot, it was the first thing that came to mind--even after forty years!

One of my fellow students--a French girl--wrote that she made many of those eggs as a child. That reminded me that it's a perfect dish for a child's lunch, just add a slice of whole-grain bread and you've got a pretty complete meal.

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