Progress Report

Hey, I've been taking art classes and drawing daily for a couple of months now, and guess what? Either I'm getting better, or feeling more confident, but I think I'm improving.

A few examples.

#1. The assignment (from Koosje Koene's Draw it Like it's Hot!) was to combine some food and some lettering in preparation for the big final one, which is to draw a recipe well enough to submit to They Draw And Cook, a fun recipe website for artists and artists-to-be.

I drew the jalapeño freehand, from memory and directly in watercolour. I was shocked at how well it turned out. The lettering is based on the font called "curlz" that came with my system. It's one of my favourites, and I like the way it matches the curl of the pepper's stem. It got a bit crowded towards the edge of the page, on the right, but it was only an exercise, so I left it.

Watercolour on Strathmore Mixed Media 500 Series Sketchbook

#2. I drew this other chili pepper as a colour pencil and stamping exercise. Koosje calls this style "messy" and it sure is, but there is a charm about it, as a contrast with such a carefully drawn subject, but it would also go well with a cartoony style subject, I'm sure.

Colour pencil and ink on Strathmore Mixed Media Series 500 Sketchbook

(Yes, my "final exam" recipe will have something to do with chili peppers.)

#3. Meanwhile, I wanted to test the format for They Draw And Cook, so I created this spread for a typical Mexican drink.

Can you tell that I miss Mexico? (I lived there for 20+ years.)

Watercolour, watercolour pencil and ink on Arches cold press paper

What I learned from this sketch is I should draw lines with a ruler first, or risk everything being crooked like here, and hours of work could be wasted if this were my actual submission! Otherwise, I think it worked quite well.*

More importantly, I know what I would change if I were to re-do it.

Strike that! More importantly, I had fun doing all of these (and others not so worthy of publication).

* And next time I won't forget to check the recipe itself: on this one, I forgot the sweetener! (In case you want to make it, just add sweetener to taste, be it agave nectar honey, or even sugar.)

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