About Sketching Animals

Did I tell you I had signed up for a klass at the Sketchbook Skool?

Yes, I did. 

Four weeks done, two to go--and so far, so good.

I loved Danny Gregory, the artist, the teacher, the philosopher, the person.

Koosje Koene was her usual delightful self.

Prashant Miranda was a joy to discover.

Jane LaFazio has so many talents she makes my head spin.

This week, we've got Roz Stendhal (how do you get such a literary last name?), and she's into animals. Trouble is, I'm not.

Don't get me wrong: I love animals. On my farm, I loved my dog and my goats and my chickens and my turkeys and all the birds that came to visit and the howl of the coyotes at night; in downtown Montreal, I was delighted that a family of skunks had elected domicile under my shed; and here I love to watch the deer and the foxes in my backyard, and the moose in the woods; I feed the hummingbirds and photograph the goldfinches....

But I'm not interested in sketching them!

Watercolor on 5" x 8" Moleskine notebook
Click to enlarge

However, I'm paying for practising my sketching, so today I made this animal sketch in my journal.

The text at the top says: "This is going to be a difficult klass for me because I am not interested in animals unless they are food. (Sorry about that!)"

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